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Big idea a social media

Art, sustainability, tolerance, and creativity to inspire the world in joint effort for a better tomorrow. The pillars of Absolute Vodka are ambitious and aspirational, aimed on the future with creativity in the place of the trigger. As so is our approach.

The 2019 limited edition has been embedded with the theme of recycling into its very design – a bottle made from more than 41% recycled glass shards pays tribute to its predecessors by acknowledging them in its iconic shape.

Put your money where your mouth is

Brand integrity is the new authenticity, or in other words, it could be called greenwashing. In Ahaus, Sweden, there is a sustainable production going on, the used raw materials return to the cycle, and 41 % of the recycled glass is a celebration of partial success, as well as of a further effort for a constant increase in the percentage of recycled material. Beneath the tip of the iceberg of our campaign, materials from previous projects are recycled and we promise to eliminate the needless involvement of new ones.

The topic of recycling resonates all around the world, its application to the Czech environment is not particularly available, because the Czechs already are one of the most recycle-friendly nations in the world. The recycling context has a vast number of other sub-themes that we have decided to include in our Absolut #Recycled campaign.

Second life of the bottles

Unlike most other materials, glass can really live to infinity, and it was the idea of ​​an infinite reincarnation that stood at the beginning of our two first projects.

In cooperation with the MARS (Mobile Studio of Recycled Glass) creative association, a mobile sustainable bar was created, made of dozens of empty Absolut bottles and unnecessary items from landfills and scrapyards. In addition to recycled bottles and shelves made of their resin-covered shards, the bar consists of an old bicycle frame, a washing machine lid, or a saw. The whole bar is dominated by the iconic shape of the bottle welded from various parts of the collected junk and by the recycling symbol from Absolut bottles.

This was followed by the creation of a sustainable installation in the area of ​​Prague’s Masaryčka, created by Radka Salcmannová under the auspices of The Chemistry Gallery. For its construction, we have used a total of 562 (!) Empty Absolut bottles and old bar stools, which we found in the scrapyard. In addition, we supplemented the two-meter-high work with a video projection for an even cooler effect, which, especially after sunset, enhances the experience of passers-by. We want to send warm thanks to Penta Investments for providing us with a place to do so.

Recycle or D.I.Y.

We took part in ideologically related events, the Mezipatra queer film festival, the SLOU DAYS festival of sustainable fashion and the launch party of the new album of the ambassador of the Renné Dang. And we went even further, turning MARS unnecessary bottles into original glasses, a flower vase, a lamp, or an ice shovel. We have created an initiative on social networks, which encouraged people’s creativity in finding a second life for materials and old objects the have home.

On social networks and in the media, we have also stirred up home creations of recycled drinks. These recipes used ingredients such as a used tea bag, coffee log or the rest of a red wine, and revived the legendary vodka-based drinks.

On social networks and in the media, we have also stirred up home creations of recycled drinks. These recipes used ingredients such as a used tea bag, coffee log or the rest of a red wine, and revived the legendary vodka-based drinks.

All roads lead to rohlik.cz

The campaign had unquestionable long-term goals in building the Absolut brand as a creative leader, a brand that does not ask for attention, but attracts it. However, it is clear to all marketers that the limited editions had to reach their consumers via traditional transaction from the shelves and warehouses.

All our online activity logically focused on the e-commerce environment, where it was picked up by over 400 collectors.

Let’s recycle it

The glass of Absolut vodka values is always half full, whether recycled or new. We managed to show our sustainable actions to countless people in the real world, 355,455 people in the digital world and to get 50 outputs with a total value of CZK 1,500,000 in PR.

The icing on the cake, or rather the cherry in our Absolut drink, was the inclusion of the campaign among the 10 best creative works of January 2020 in the Art Directors Club advertising hit parade published on the MediaGuru portal. We are absolutely thrilled about that!

Many people took part in our creative and executive process; us on the client’s side, the mentioned artists, and associations, but also our seasoned partners – Milan Formánek and Adam Novák. Thanks, everyone!