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Beefeater during coronavirus

It’s the beginning of October 2020, and this year the bars and restaurants are adding up the lost profits caused by coronavirus regulations for the second time and are deciding whether they can afford to continue their business or not. As an agency based on connecting the offline and online world, we are lucky that, despite the apparent obstacles, we are offered ways in the virtual space to find our way to the audience even without big events. During this year’s nationwide quarantine in March, we were the first on the market to come up with the idea of using group video calls for the purpose of #onlineparty, whose unmissable sponsor became our favourite Beefeater.

Beefeater online party

Month long #onlineparty for a good mood

We created simple videos to motivate users to tag Beefeater’s profile in stories and enjoy a good party with their friends (only online due to the quarantine), ideally with a glass of Beefeater in hand. And in the following days we received stories of various online parties with our hashtags and Beefeater gifs.

We regularly rewarded the best and most original stories after consulting it with our client: the participants of the party were added to stories created especially for this occasion. If they agreed, they received a gift in the form of a bottle of gin with an original personalized letter. Through this and other formats on the profile we attracted others to join our #onlineparty.

After the successful launch of the campaign we created additional video formats in order to expand the target group (men + women, age 18-40, large + medium-sized cities). Thanks to the increased media budget, we were able to strengthen communication in the form of six consecutive posts in our visual grid on Instagram.

After almost four weeks of intensive communication, we ended the #onlineparty. We appreciate the feedback from our fans, so we couldn’t “say goodbye” without thanking and reacting to their stories.

During our spring #onlineparty, we reached over 400,000 unique users (ie about 59% of Beefeater’s target group) and achieved over 4 million views. During these difficult times, we enjoyed sharing good mood even more than usual. Thanks to everyone who joined, shared the competition on their profiles and liked.

A total of 47 groups organized an #onlineparty! (In each group, there were 3 – 8 participants who shared the competition stories on their profiles = tens of thousands of organic views). You can find the complete #onlineparty on Beefeater’s profile in their stories highlights.

In the end, we didn’t mind the fact that several large brands of alcoholic beverages on the market, which sought similar communication based on video calls, were “inspired” by us.