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Do you know what the ultimate summer combination is? Well, Beefeater and tonic. In 2019, perhaps the entire the Czech Republic has been convinced of this, as we traveled with our client across the entire country and visited four major summer festivals, and at each one we have built 4 huge structures, mixed drinks, addressed people through digital means and created unforgettable experiences.

4 festivals and tons of material

We started in Prague at the Metronome festival (June 21-23). We’ve tested a new construction at this festival for the first time and we have also tested how service and sales work. Because in a few days we had to move to Karlovy Vary for the KVIFF Film festival (June 28 – July 6). It is already sort of a habit of ours that you will not miss Beefeater stand at any event, and Karlovy Vary was no exception. We invented a 12-ton structure, with which we have actually managed to bridge the river. It has taken us 4 days to build it, but it was worth it. Our Pupp-up bar was located next to the legendary Hotel Pupp and attracted thousands of visitors.

Then we fled from Vary to the opposite end of the country, to Ostrava, for the Beats for Love festival (July 3-6), to introduce the visual concept of Past. We placed a construction with hundreds of meters of light branding directly on a slight hill to make sure that our client would be there for everyone to see.

For the next festival, we stayed in Ostrava for the Colours of Ostrava festival (July 17-20), where we presented our concept for the first time last year. The bartenders were great, the weather was good, and so there was a party in our gin paradise.

The Instagram in not the real world, but the entire world is on the Instagram.

The work on creating design solutions at various festivals took several people over six months of work and, thanks to dozens of people, it was possible for our work to actually take place at individual festivals. Not only four unique zones have been created at the festivals, but also great branded content for social networks, which we used when reaching out to people on Facebook and Instagram. Throughout the summer, we had a clear strategy and post plans, invited people to festivals, created stories and took care of community management. We also included a unique application for loading drinks, thanks to which people cloud drink discounts on merchendising and other rewards.