Colours of Glo



The assignment from the client was clear: to create an unmissable presentation of products for heated tobacco

In other words, to design a place people would enjoy, where they’d feel comfortable and where they would be able to buy, borrow and get acquainted with the brand’s products. The gauntlets were thrown down and we accepted the challenge. We won the tender and decided to create a festival zone at Colors of Ostrava festival, like of which the world has never seen before and which nobody has ever attempted to build before.

Then, several long months of preparations followed, starting from scratch. We decided to ask for help an architect, who took into consideration the layout and genius loci of the place and tastefully and at first glance clearly designed the structure in accordance with the branding of the brand.

This created a zone with five six-meter light wheels, which optically formed a passage and its size attracted attention from a distance. The element of the wheel has Glo in the name and at the same time has a round button for switching on the devices for heating tobacco. We managed to create an “Instagram” area where everyone wanted to take pictures. The fact that the first wheel had a built-in water sprayer was certainly also a plus, as anyone could use it to freshen up.

The light wheels fascinated everyone who passed by

We added to the large six-meter wheels, in which it was possible to sit, with smaller three-meter horizontally placed wheels, primarily intended for sitting and creating the required chill zone. The three-meter wheels were both full and with an open interior, in which we placed large two-meter mattresses, which anyone could take and just put on the grass. We placed charging phones spots in the small wheels, and also decided to add cables if someone didn’t bring their own. Further, we added a bar with great drinks, so of course, nobody wanted to leave. We have also provided the area with an untraditional photo corner, so anyone who wanted to take a photo took a gif photo with Glo colors in the background and elements from the Vítkovice area as a souvenir from Colours instead of a classic photo.

We completed the big wheels with two connected containers. One of them contained a showroom and at the same time a shop for tobacco heaters, which was inhabited by a large group of hostesses and promoters. We placed the already mentioned bar in the second container. In the evening, instead of a showroom, we added a place for a DJ and lit up the small and the large wheel with all the colors the RGB offers. The beautiful zone was pointed out by hostesses moving around the area and offering a smoothie voucher, which we then issued to all those interested.

We managed to ensure that the Glo was tested by over 5,000 visitors of the festival, and every tenth visitor bought the device. For each device purchased, the hostesses gave a gift, which the buyer drew from our wheel of fortune. And what gifts! Everyone wanted a ride from the festival in our branded Mini Cooper, everyone wanted our kidney bag, power bank, free drink, or the entry to the VIP terrace. Over 6,000 drinks have been sold and Eventology and Protišedí wrote about us and a lot of photos appeared on social networks.