St. Patrick's Tour

Jameson Whiskey

Event and social media

The day the stories are made, not the plans.

Three years ago, we had a problem with conversation such as: “Look, what are you doing on March 17?” “I don’t know, probably nothing.” And we wanted to get rid of these conversations for good. On March 17, the St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated, and the most exuberant celebrations are dedicated to him on this day. And our client, the Jameson Whiskey, can’t miss them!

We faced a huge task – to introduce the celebration of St. Patrick in the Czech Republic and make it a tradition. That’s why we didn’t just want to have an ordinary party at some club, we needed to take the celebrations up a notch. So, we came up with the St. Patrick’s Tour. You take a walk, stop at certain places, at each stop you get a great drink with Jameson, you’ll have fun, and you will still taste the Irish culture. Really crazy day and night, isn’t it?

And so, since 2017, visitors can walk through our Tour and stop at original places in the city (e.g. Jatka78, Kino Pilotů, Salon Joshua, Smíchovská Náplavka). Since 2018, we have added a traditional Irish parade with bagpipers and drummers to the tour. Prague has never experienced such a concentration of green celebrations before!

The icing on the cake was a real Irish parade with bagpipers and drummers in Prague’s center.

As part of the Tour, we also invited great Irish musicians to the Czech Republic: for example, the Irish legend Blood or Whiskey, singer Travis O’Neill, the hip hop star Kojaque or Luka Palm, who added dozens of other artists. We have filled several clubs and started an unforgettable Irish party.

Saint Patrick on those Internets

Each year, under the baton of Jameson, we promote the most important Irish holiday on the Internet. We are in charge of PR and social networks before the event, so we invite you to celebrations and share the program through instastories. We post the most interesting moments of the event itself, communicate with guests, shoot videos and create photo reports from individual locations.

Prague really literally does take a shade of green on the magical date of 17th of March, and this is the ideal opportunity to write press releases and send them with photos to printed and online media. So far, we have been cooperating and involving the largest media group and television in the event. In 2018, we won the Czech PR Award.